My letter for the weekend was “E”! …and the words coming to mind

are exhilarating, exciting, encouraging, EPIC!

This weekend we had the first CHTM Virtual All Years Reunion and I
must say, all the words combined which convey gratitude do not fully
express with conviction the thanks to the core planning team that
made this a reality. For many of us, it was years of history unfolding
through the stories of the many who attended.

Close listening revealed that though faces changed the stories were
quite relatable. We kept obscene hours this weekend, but the
discussions were thought provoking and enlightening, and while the
occasion was joyous, I think everyone came away with at least a ray of
hope that the hospitality industry of the Caribbean can be viable
when we mobilize our resources.

Every single event throughout the weekend created various cocktails
of fun, enjoyment and contemplation that would not have been
realized in its entirety within a physical setting, as was initially being
planned. We got to know, understand, and deepen our appreciation
for each other.

Thank you to the OC (Organizational committee). Now let’s all take
the next few steps towards the progress we yearn.

Richard Blades
President Executive Team

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