Wine Online

This 90-minute, interactive, virtual session, is an introduction to the wonderful world of wines facilitated by our own Karyn Williams-Sykes (CHTM graduate, 1991), a WSET Certified Educator. Participants will be exposed to basic knowledge on the main styles and types of wines, with tips on food pairing and storage for personal enjoyment.

Please note that participants will be required to supply their own wines (for tasting), glassware, and other training materials.

By the end of the session, participants should be able to:



1.  Display a basic understanding of the factors that determine the main styles of wine;

2.  Describe in general terms, the main characteristics of some principal grape varieties; and

3. Understand the basic tenants of wine/food pairing.


The registration fee for the Wine Online Webinar will go to the UWIAA CHTM Bursary Fund. The pandemic has left many UWI students struggling with tuition fees and other expenses.

The UWIAA CHTM Chapter is responding by providing bursaries, each valued at USD 1000.00, for selected students enrolled in the Hospitality or Tourism programme at our main campuses.


With registration, you will receive via email your confirmation, and a link to the Participant’s Guide, including wines and snack suggestions, to get you ready for the webinar!

See you on May 15 @ 5 PM EST/4 PM JA!

Registration Fee  $10USD

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