Hello CHTMites! The UWIAA CHTM Alumni Executive Team (AET)
held its first quarterly planning retreat on November 15 2020 to
determine the priority actions for the next three months.

The discussion was informed by the results of the Post Retreat & Graduate Survey.  Among the key activities for the period will

1.  Membership drive
2.  Outreach to the current student cohort
3.  Following up on the status of CHTM (for advocacy)
3.  Christmas/End Year celebrations
4.  More Wine Webinar (excitement!)
5.  Support for The UWI and UWIAA events
6.  Preparation for a virtual career fair in 2021
7.  My CHTM, My Story blog (celebrating our graduates)

Some highlights…
We are growing! Join us and become a member of The UWI Alumni Association! The lifetime fee is just USD 30.00. See details on our website.

We are encouraging year group and/or island groups to get together (virtually of course) as the year ends. We hope to connect the celebrations around a date or by postings to our Facebook page. We also hope some of the current cohort may join us!  Stay tuned for more through the island reps, the WhatsApp group, Facebook and our

This will be the first in a series of learning events arranged and facilitated by our graduates. Want to know more about wines?
Join us for this interactive webinar in December! Details coming soon.

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