In life we go through challenges on occasion, as we go through we make/hear claims like “this is the most challenging period in life”; only to have history prove us wrong since the unimaginable can happen.
What do I mean? Let’s take a look at the following examples throughout more recent times in history:
World War One
World War Two
Global historical pandemics

Just imagine that despite all these situations, there are a few words that kept us going and growing. What do I mean? Well let’s take a look.

Consider the skills of Observation, Empathy, Communication, Caring, Patience, and Hospitality.

When we observe, just what are we looking for? Are we just looking or is it an examination with a more keen eye? In terms of the methods of observation we need to question if it is just by habit that we default to words used in vision like see. look, peer, examine; can we employ our other senses?

When functioning in hospitality we must employ all 6 skills. As we  observe, are we able to empathize with the situation; putting ourselves in
the situation so we can have an appreciation for what others may be going through?

What kind of environments are we creating? We know that everyone deserves to have someone care for them in a variety of ways. Are we
providing that environment and demonstrating that measure of care? As we read, we recognize that there are more questions than answers, but
does it seem that success lay with those who attempt to answer the questions asked?

What causes people to laugh in a given situation and react completely different to the apparently similar situation? What causes the changes in
The differences in the tones of speech or voice levels or even expressions? It should be noted that people can go through a range of these emotions on any given day. As providers, we hear quotes like,
“the customer is always right.” This is wrong, but the customer is always the customer and that must be foremost in our minds as we cater to
them – both internally and externally.

Driving along the highways of life, we may witness people going through situations that we at the time would think only patience is required, but
they behaved with the tension and behaviors associated with frustration or even anguish?
I had the experience of driving round a roundabout and witnessing an elderly gentleman enter the roundabout and went in the opposite
direction to all the traffic. Many displayed surprise, some anger, yet what may have happened is that the elderly man entered a situation of confusion and they lost their usual functionality. Any amount of parameters may have caused this if he happened to be diagnosed. Did he experience the onset of a mental illness? Was it caused by stress?
Why did he behave in this manner even when it could have endangered his life and the lives of others?

Throughout the Bible there are countless references to hospitality; Hebrews 13:2 gives clear insights by stating, “Do not neglect hospitality,
because through it some of you have entertained angels and not know it.” Romans 12:13 says, “Contribute to the needs of the saints, pursue
How important is hospitality that it is referenced from the beginnings of human existence coming forward? Even as we have studied it formally
through to University levels, what was our motivation? Surely it goes beyond seeking employment. Have we considered that though many of us have worked outside the tourism sector, what we learned has been applicable in other areas/sectors where we have built our
There’s something about when you speak with people who live hospitality. They don’t only practice/have the 6 skills but they have a 7th
nugget which is relevant. It is PASSION, and that needs no explanation.

Richie B. 2020

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